Garvies Soft Drinks Ltd

Garvies Soft Drinks Ltd has been a household name for many years and with this it carries a proud Scottish heritage and a reputation for creating truly iconic drinks.

We are a Scottish based company with high standards.
Customer Satisfaction and fair partnership with our suppliers and distributors is of great importance to us.

Why you should drink Dynamite

  • Dynamite energy drink was created in March 2013 and within its first 3 months it blew the energy drinks market wide open.
  • Dynamite is a global company that currently supply in 25 countries worldwide and growing everyday.
  • Dynamite is solely produced in the UK and unlike other energy drinks in the market we follow a high quality control in the production of our energy drink.
  • Dynamite energy drink is not just like any another energy drink it as it’s the first halal energy drink in the UK.
  • Dynamite energy drink is Halal Certified.